Almond Rubber Sole Thong with
BSK 105 Flamingos on Green Belt
Ordering A Custom Sandal

Ordering a pair of sandals is surprisingly difficult. Each sandal is made to
order, so that you receive exactly what you want. In order to do this, there are
several things we need to know:

What size? Rubber or leather sole?
What color sole? What height?
What belt pattern?
What ribbon color?

The following sandal serves as an illustration. If you need help with your order
please call us or email
Leather Sole Thong with
BSK 104 American Flag Belt
Click Here for Shoe Sizing Chart
Click Here for Printing
Instructions for Shoe Sizing Chart
What You Need to Know to Determine your size:

Don't forget! Eliza B sandals run small!  

The fit is much more like a tailored English shoe and not at all like your
typical “loose” flip flop fit. Please order one size up!
instructions so you are sure you print the chart in the correct size:
  • 2.  Print the Shoe SIzing Chart
  • 3.  Determine your size.
  • 4.  Put the information on the Custom Order Form.
You need a whole belt  at least 36 inches for one pair.
To guide you through the ordering process, please print out the
Custom Order Form by clicking the link below and then printing the
sheet, filling it out, and sending it to Voila! with your belt.
Next, you will need to select the color or your sole - simple.  Please
check the appropriate box for Almond or Black.
Then you will need to select the height of your sole - also simple.  
Please check the appropriate box for Standard (flat) as shown in
photo or Wedge.  See the picture below.
Finally, please select your ribbon color by clicking on the link
below to see the color colors available.  These ribbons are 1-1/2
1-1/2 inches.  If it is not that size, a comparable and coordinating
fabric will be provided.
Important Information:  
Eliza Bs require 36 inches of a belt canvas.  An overall design works best because we cannot
guarantee which part of the design will show.
Eliza Bs run
small so be sure to tell us the correct size because the size cannot be changed once they
are made.  
Please note:  These items must be ordered through Needlepoint Shops .
Click Here for Ribbon Color Chart
Voila! & Eliza B