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Every design you see and more can be purchased as a hand painted needlepoint canvas! Or you can take
advantage of our world class needlepoint stitching service!  And what is more, our needlepoint finishing service
is famous for finishing needlepoint belts, needlepoint sandals, cummerbunds, needlepoint handbags, needlepoint
shoes, as well as needlepoint thongs, needlepoint pet collars and leashes.  We can add monograms and initials or
company logos to all items and custom design wedding party belts and hobby belts for golf, tennis and sports
enthusiasts. We have a great collection of interesting belt buckles and handbag handles.  
5968 Michaux Street, Boca Raton, Florida  33433  
Telephone:  561-367-9339 or 561-289-5696
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Needlepoint Stitching Service
Belt, Handbag, Bracelet & Shoe Finishing
Hand-Painted Canvases
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